‘Here We Go Again’…

(if I may use the title of one of Dolly Parton’s very early compositions). Tomorrow (October 24, 2014), is another big and exciting day for me. Reason being is that I’m returning to the the recording studio to record song #2 for the upcoming album. Wow, over a month has passed already since I was in the dungeon on my birthday recording the first single:-)

A little about what I’m recording tomorrow: This song is no different from the first I recorded a month ago in terms of my feelings about it. I simply love it and many of you will also. Here’s why: It’s down right fun, danceable, a definite candidate for a ‘club remix‘…(HELLOOOOOO – listen up all my DJ buddies worldwide:-) and it is telling a story about the folks who raised me to the age of thirteen years and what my childhood was like, growing up in the small town of Taylor, Texas. I wrote this song as a tribute to certain people whom I’ll identify in a future blog. I think that this track will be well accepted by them. Unable to release the track’s title to all you Jimikins just yet, please note that there are definite hints throughout this blog of how you will recognize the songs’ title when it is posted online and distributed worldwide via iTunes. Amen and stay tuned:-)!




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