Hey…You’ve Arrived at My Place!


Yes this is JyRoBlogs, home of Jimmy Roland’s blog site. This is the place where in a few blog posts from now (not too many days away), you’ll be able to find out how you can win something totally FREE from Jimmy Roland this Christmas. Simply stay tuned but before you leave this page, “FOLLOW” this blog. Not only to win what’s to come but also to stay-in-the-know as to appearance and concert dates by Jimmy Roland in 2015, NEW music releases and a bunch of other good stuff! Just around the corner is…a R&B release (love-ballad) release and a NEW EP entitled ‘Southern Hospitality’. Who knows, there may even be some extra Free  DOWNLOAD CARDS of the New single entitled, “**** **** ***** **” 🙂 Get ready!

Happy Holidays,

JyRo Entertainment Staff


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